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Two new podcasts with ecol on energy access

Tune into two podcasts with Gunther on energy access at the Knowledge Archives and in a discussion with Natalia Realpe Carrillo, Shonali Pachauri, and Sebastian Groh on five years of the Multi-Tier Framework to measure energy access.

VoxDev article amongst most read in 2020

An article by Jörg and two colleagues on the use of improved cookstoves as an instrument of effective climate policy was among the ten most read articles of 2020 on VoxDev, a platform for economists, policymakers, practitioners, donors, the private sector and others interested in development to discuss key policy issues.

Our Senegal research features in an article in The Economist

Under the headline “How the other half cooks“, The Economist features in its print edition from early April a report on the efforts to coax people towards cleaner cooking fuels. The article describes the situation on the ground in rural Senegal, more specifically a study region of one of our ongoing research projects, and discusses […]