Evaluation of the Results-Based Financing Facility within Energising Development


photo: “An M-Power solar customer in Tanzania” by DfID, licensed under CC BY 2.0

ecol partners with other consultancies to evaluate results-based financing (RBF) activities in the energy access domain.

  • Date: 08/2016 - 2019
  • Location: Kenya, Bangladesh
  • Client: GIZ
Evaluation of the Results-Based Financing for Low Carbon Energy Access Facility within Energising Development
ecol is involved in an evaluation led by particip to study the portfolio of results-based financing (RBF) activities within the multi-donor partnership agreement for the Energising Development Program (EnDev). These activities comprise 13 projects in nine countries in Africa, Asia and Latin Africa. The aim of the RBF activities is to attract private investment in more efficient energy production and distribution systems.
ecol covers a Mid-Term and Final Evaluation of four RBF projects on cookstoves, small solar systems, mini-grids, and off-grid appliances (i) to assess the performance of the RBF Facility over the period 2012-18 against key OECD/DAC evaluation criteria, (ii) to understand and disseminate what has worked in which circumstances and why, and (iii) to derive recommendations for future programmes in RBF, energy access support, climate finance and development assistance more broadly based on a Portfolio Review and a Cluster Review. In addition, ecol conducted an Internal Process Review on the programme activities.